What’s The Good Container?

Simply put, the first crowdfunding platform on Instagram. Instagrammers can back the distribution of hundreds of bicycles in Africa by sponsoring a picture of the shipping container. Not only that, they can literally follow the good they’ve done.

How did it start?

Founder & Instagramer Flavio Pina has been riding bicycles since he was 3 years old. When he heard how Working Bikes was changing the lives of thousands of people in developing countries, he immediately volunteered to help. After a few empathy sessions and prototypes, he realized that even though giving a bike can have a profound impact on people’s lives and their communities, the overall experience is not compelling for the donor. It feels very impersonal. Cold. Almost abstract. The Good Container wants to change that and transform the donation process into a transparent, personal, peer-to-peer experience. Our goal is to empower people to take ownership of the good they’re doing and actually see the impact a bicycle can have on the world.

Why Instagram?

We believe that photography has the power to revolutionize donation. It can bring transparency and ownership to the giving experience and, more importantly, empower people to make an impact on the world. Imagine that happening on Instagram, a platform that has over 300 million photographers.

Do I need Instagram to participate?

Yep. The Good Container magic happens on Instagram, so you’ll need a phone/tablet and the app.

Where does my money go?

Direct to the non-profit organization we partner with. For instance, our first partner was WorkingBikes, an organization established in 1999 that has distributed more than 50.000 bicycles worldwide. Your contribution helped fund the delivery of 500 bikes to people in Ghana in June 2015.

What’s next for The Good Container?

We are currently working on a documentary about the first container we shippedWith your support, we will amplify the impact of The Good Container. We plan on partnering with more non-profit organizations and help them fund the distribution of more bicycles worldwide.  Stay tuned.

Got another question? Drop us a line.