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Watch bikes rescued in Chicago find new homes in Africa.

The Good Container loaded with 500 rescued bikes has been delivered to Ghana. Hooray! All $3,000 of the shipping costs were funded by 60 unique, wonderful people who sponsored the container piece by piece on Instagram. The contributions support not just the shipment, but the freedom of two wheels for people who need a bike to get to school, work or medical services.

The coolest part? You get to follow the bicycles on their journey.

The fundraising for this @GoodContainer is done so stay tuned and sponsor a piece of the next!


Photographer: Derek McIntire

We believe in the power of bicycles.

In a developing country a bicycle can truly change the life of an individual, their family and their community. Bicycling is, of course, a form of transportation. But bicycles are also used for towing cargo, and even as a source of electricity through pedal-powered machines. In areas plagued by poverty, high levels of unemployment and a lack of reliable, accessible transportation, a bicycle helps provide access to jobs, education, medical attention, and other resources.

I ride my bicycle to my farm so it is a source of transportation for me. On the farm I use it to load firewood, cassava, plantain and other things. Before I was using the bicycle it was very difficult for me.
— Seth Osu, farmer from Koforidua/Ghana

Meet Working Bikes.
The Good Container’s first partner.

Working Bikes is a non-profit organization based in Chicago. They rescue discarded bicycles and give them new life by redistributing them as tools of empowerment in local and global communities. Working Bikes has recovered tens of thousands of discarded and donated bicycles from Chicago and the Midwest, and has redistributed more than 50,000 of them worldwide.


Ride confidently. When you sponsor a part of The Good Container you're maximizing the impact of your donation.

We deliver 92% of each dollar directly to the non-profit organization.

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